4×4 Driver Training & Recovery 2 Day Course Outline

These two elements are run on separate days and are conducted in modular format. Ideally the driving day is undertaken prior to the recovery day. Below is a typical example of each days format, although we can tailor either day to suit any specific needs.

Day 1 – Basic off road driving introduction, through to advanced driving techniques. The day is run to a similar time frame and structure as ‘A typical 4×4 Driver Training Day ’

Day 2 – Introduction to vehicle self recovery using hand and vehicle mounted winch systems.The day runs on a similar vein to Day 1 regarding the timings and pace of the tuition. However the emphasis moves away from driving and onto vehicle self recovery using both ladder jacks (high lift jacks) and Tirfor hand winches, before moving onto the vehicle mounted winching systems. The first part of the morning is spent giving a brief overview of the equipment carried and used, this starts at the basic level working up to the winch equipment.

We start off the practical’s with self extraction from deep ruts using ladder jacks, and some rope work before moving onto rear vehicle recovery using both a Tirfor and ladder jack. This is a key aspect of the training; most vehicle mounted winches are on the front and more often than not when you get stuck you need to come out the way you went in i.e. backwards!

Following on from these we look at vehicle mounted recovery systems and cover several scenarios including self recovery, dead vehicle recovery, single, double, and change of direction pulls. As the day progresses we move onto drive assist with the winch and tackle some trickier sections of the course that require both advanced driving skills and winch work.

Throughout the courses the emphasis is on safety and safe working practices for both the driving and winching elements.

With respect to numbers we will teach up to 2:1 Student to Instructor ratio in one vehicle. Any more than this and you will find people are not getting enough practical  experience behind the wheel. When you book a day with us you are the sole users of the course.

Make a Weekend of It?
If you wished to make a weekend of it you may be interested in attending one of the drive round days offered by local Off Road event specialists 4×4 Adventures.

Upcoming Drive Round Days are listed  on their diary page here

For an idea of what these days involve please have a look at some previous event reports here:

Their  vehicle requirements list is here:

All the drive round day routes have optional bypasses so don’t be put off if you see something you think might be too much for you.


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