Bikini Winch Kits

David Bowyer has designed a new simple to fit Bikini winch kit for all Defender models. Realising that not everyone wants, or needs, to buy a full winch bumper, Goodwinch now stock a selection of Defender ‘above bumper’ kits to suit all the Company’s TDS & EP Series winches.

Each Bikini kit is a six bolt fitting to the Defender and includes two recovery eyes for either attaching ropes to with shackles, or dressing the wire rope hook back to either side of the winch when using a swingaway pulley block.

Another advantage of using this new, well made and robust kit is that no approach angle is lost as the kit sits higher than conventional bumper kits. All Bikini kits are finished in black and cost just £125 plus carriage and VAT.

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