This is a well maintained original TDi 200, driven almost exclusively by David Bowyer and only occasionally used for towing. David has used it for green laning over the years, which is why it is so well equipped.

The chassis had a new rear crossmember fitted along with a pair of ‘A’ pillar outriggers about 10 years ago and since then all has been regularly Waxoiled with no further rust appearing.

During the last year or so, all the suspension bushes have been renewed, including the ‘A’ frame bush. All the track rod ends have been replaced as well as the steering damper.

It has Southdown steering guards, front axle guard and a rear diff guard fitted.

The gearbox was replaced three years ago with one from Ashcroft and the transfer box has also been replaced with a totally rebuilt unit with no play whatsoever between the flanges!

An X-Eng parking disc brake is fitted as well as True Trac diffs both front and back enabling the vehicle to climb like a mountain goat! A new fuel tank was fitted about 7 years ago and is protected by a Gwyn Lewis tank guard.  The front propshaft is also from Gwyn Lewis.

The rear axle was replaced about 10 years ago with a Discovery disc braked axel along with ARB springs, but the shock absorbers were replaced with ARB Old Man Emu units only 2 years ago.

A rear towing step is fitted for easy access into the back of the vehicle.

The TDi 200 engine is running very nicely and like the rest of the vehicle it has been maintained well every year at MOT time and whatever needed to be done, was done between MOT servicing time.  Oils, filters, brake fluid, greasing, checking and adjusting has always been carried out irrespective of mileage to give reliability.  New engine mounts were fitted in the summer along with a part stainless steel exhaust system.

Rear Ashcroft heavy duty half shafts and drive flanges are fitted.

A new heater matrix and motor was fitted a year ago, likewise a boost fuel pin, makes it go very well now! The viscous fan drive was also replaced then.

The original alternator was replaced with a 120 Amp unit 3 years ago, just after a new water pump was fitted. The timing belt has been replaced on a regular basis.

Jate rings are fitted both front and rear.

A Southdown stainless snorkel is fitted along with the high mounted breathers.

All side lights, flashers, fog light, reversing lights are now LEDs and Speaker headlights are fitted with DRLs. High level rear LED brake/side lights are fitted as well as a pair of work lights.

The side doors have got quality aluminium Croytec hinges and the inner/outer wings were replaced a year ago when the wheel arches were replaced.

A Bow ‘3’ Powered, Extra large Drum TDS winch is fitted with 12mm Budget Bowrope driven by a Turbo ‘2’ Powered Controller fitted inside the back of the vehicle to inject 24 volt,  along with two extra batteries, a 4 Function Professional Lodar Wireless Radio remote to operate in, out, air freespool and 12/24 volt operation of the winch, as well as an ARB air compressor.

A heated windscreen is fitted with a timer and a CB is included along with its antenna.

The large lockable FCX cubby box has a padded top surface as an armrest with volt meters and an Amp meter to show the voltages of the large front battery and the pair of rear batteries as well as output voltage to the winch and amps being used whilst winching. A switch panel on the dash operates the air freespool compressor and 24 volt winch mode.

A powerbox has a master switch with other switches and warning lights with outputs to a fuse bank. A fully functional radio is fitted with RDS.

Fairly new seats are fitted with very new waterproof covers.

The vehicle comes with a pedal box lock, steering stop lock and an X-Eng steering column lock.

A very handy roof locker is fitted to keep clean clothes and valuables out of sight.

Various ties down eyes are provided in the rear to secure heavy items.

Twin horns are fitted behind the grille for added safety.

As said before the vehicle is in very good mechanical order and very well maintained. Mileage to date is just under 150,000 miles which is only about 5,000 miles per year from new.

A strong spare wheel carrier is fitted and rear bumperettes, and probably a number of other things which David has forgotten to write down!

The side and rear doors do need some attention, but they are easy to replace with some take off doors if need be. The roof also is a bit dented.

David has a pretty full history of the vehicle from when it was new on the 17th January 1991, with all the MOT’s to date.  It is MOT’d until 9th July 2018.

Why is David selling it one might ask?

Well he how has a totally refurbished and re-built 1993 Ninety with a TDi 300 engine, also totally re-built, on a galvanised chassis, with Gwyn Lewis suspension with True Trac diffs with all the goodies he has always wanted. It’s his white G12 LRO with the matching white full roll cage that has been featured in 4 magazines and 3 front covers.  It drives like new, and so it should as it’s taken 3 years to complete!

It does everything his blue Ninety does and a lot more too.

Therefore his blue Ninety is now surplus to requirements and could be yours at a sensible price.

For further details please contact David Bowyer on 01363 82666 during business hours.

Please note: the G10 BOW registration number will be replaced with the original H974 GBH, unless you would happen to have a spare private registration number for it.




Telephone: 01363 82666



Goodwinch Ltd, Oakleaf Way. Gunn. Barnstaple. Devon. Ex32 7NZ

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