We are pleased to bring you an exciting range of world class, unbeatable winch products. Our range of TDS imported winches are manufactured by the Kingone Industrial Co. Ltd. to a high specification with a long list of great features, some of which are exclusive to us, at an affordable price.

The winches have been designed and built with both off road and recovery truck use in mind. With a high-speed 173:1 ratio for off road, these superb TDS winches will satisfy the most arduous winching scenarios.

Goodwinch are the main European Distributor for the Kingone range of winches.



Our TDS Goldfish winches are exceedingly water resistant in their standard form, straight out of the box as all our TDS winches have sealed motor drum supports, a feature exclusive to Goodwinch.


On the left – standard, non sealed drum support. On the right – sealed drum support, exclusive to Goodwinch

To enhance this water resistance for complete reliability for use in serious off road conditions, click here to read David Bowyer’s reccommendations.

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