A TDS winch stripped to show most of the component parts that make up the kit. We have left the tapered brake module assembled to show the matching ‘V’ surfaces

Goodwinch bring you an exciting range of world class, unbeatable winch products. Our range of TDS GOLDFISH winches are manufactured to a high specification with a long list of great features at a very competitive price.
This range of TDS GOLDFISH winches is designed for both off road and recovery truck use in mind. With a high speed 173:1 ratio for off road use, these superb TDS winches will satisfy the most arduous winch scenarios.
All the features that you ever wanted in a winch are here for you now: Powerful, reliable, high quality 12 or 24 volt motors, sealed solenoids, 3 stage heavy duty planetary gearbox and easy to operate positive freespool lever.
winch-1These TDS GOLDFISH winches sport a double automatic tapered brake on the end of the gearbox, which of course is ideal when using Dyneema® Bowrope, as there is no heat build up by the usual in-drum brakes when lowering out. The wire rope, or Dyneema® Bowrope, is safely and securely fitted into the drum with a grub screw across the end of it.
The winch drum revolves in special nylon bearings fitted to heavy-duty drum supports with ‘V-ring’ seals bearing against the drum flanges giving very good water proofing qualities. Our TDS GOLDFISH winches has specially manufactured sealed motor drum supports to stop the ingress of water into the motor. These last features are very good news for the serious  off roader.
Another feature is that the tie rods are higher than most other winches and therefore further away from the drum. This helps to
avoid catching the rope under tie rods, causing damage to them and the rope. Goodwinch TDS GOLDFISH winch kits include nice long 5m handsets with indicator LED’s, 1.5m battery tails, heavy duty snatch block, roller fairleads, wire rope, (optional Dyneema® Bowrope), hand saver strap, mounting hardware and a Goodwinch training DVD.
For heavier pulling applications, recovery truck, commercial and military use, the TDS GOLDFISH range also comes in a lower 254:1 gear ratio giving 12,000 lbs pulling power. We stock the following TDS models: 8,500 lbs, 9,500 lbs and 12,000 lbs in both TDS low profile and TDSi bridge models. The range includes two very useful ATV/GP 3000 & 4000 lb models.

Personal Thoughts and Findings

landroverSince the end of last year I have been using and trialling the TDS range of winches, I have to say that I have really enjoyed the experience in using this brilliant winch.
All the off road ‘workouts’ have been done on a Land Rover Defender TD5, fitted with the original alternator and battery, the battery being almost 7 years old now, but it powered the TDS-9.5i really easily.
With a voltmeter across the battery and a clamp on ammeter over the live feed to the winch we put the TDS to work – many times. You name it, we have done it.
The first most notable thing was the speed that the rope was payed onto the drum in a no load situation. Once the grease had warmed up in the gearbox on the second pull in, the rope simply flew onto the drum at the rate of nearly 60’ (18m) a minute. That’s nearly as fast as an 8274! In fact, if the drum was a larger diameter, as in an 8274, it would be faster.
Also, under moving loads, and a single line pulls up the banks and hills on our off road course, the line speeds were very respectable.
Lowering out downwards is a doddle, no brake in the drum of course to heat up the Dyneema® Bowrope, for the TDS range have an external automatic double cone brake. I found it best to lower the vehicle back downwards in short bursts to stop the vehicle from going too fast. The brake is brilliant, it operates in a failsafe way – very reassuring.

landrover-2Another feature that we all liked was the way that you could so easily freespool the rope off the drum. I kid you not, you can run with the Dyneema® Bowrope wrapped around your little finger. You can’t do that with many other winches. Not only is the line speed good, but another noticeable thing is that the current draw is very low at 12 volts. The average was just 40 amps under no load winch in and pay out. Even in the heaviest pull at just a fraction under 9,500 lbs on the tensometer, the motor was only drawing 320 amps. At what I call half load, which is the average pulling for most off roading, the motor was only drawing 170 amps. And pulling across a muddy area where there was insufficient traction with the All Terrains, the draw was averaging just over 100 amps and quite fast to boot.
Something else interesting to note, is that you have to work the winch really hard to get the motor hot, honest! You may laugh but to see how hot we could get the motor, we pulled our JCB 4 wheel drive forklift, fitted with its huge bucket half full of granite chippings up the incline into our yard. The winch performed perfectly, slow of course on a single line pull of about 90 feet. And even then, the motor and gearbox too, didn’t get that hot. Considering that this massive forklift with it’s loaded front bucket weighs 8 Tonnes, one has just got to be impressed! I have to say though, for commercial users, the TDS- 12.0 with its lower 254:1 gearing would be better recommended!
towingUnder full test conditions we found that it was virtually impossible to stall the TDS-9.5 and calculate that the actual stall capacity is close to 12,000 lbs at 380 amps current draw. Of course, even in the most arduous off road winching scenarios, you would never even get near these loads, but it is very reassuring to know that your winch is capable of being subjected to such demanding test loads in factory testing.
I have to say, what with the winches water proofing qualities as well, the TDS-9.5 has met with huge approval in the off road field, serious or otherwise. Further waterproofing is simply sealing the motor and brake cover with some RTV sealant. I am happy to advise anyone who wants to talk to me on this subject on the telephone during normal business hours or of course at any of the shows we attend.
These TDS GOLDFISH winches have undergone a series of extremely tough and arduous tests, including endurance, performance, tower, gradient, brake hold, overload, electrical and destruction. I am pleased to say that the winches passed every test with flying colours.
I have been selling, using and demonstrating winches for well over 20 years now, and this is the first, most comprehensive, and affordable winch that has come my way. If there has ever been a winch that I can say that I am passionate about, its this one. Its just great.
We have a great association with the manufacturer and by working together they have designed a brilliant product. We are pleased to be the main distributor for them in the UK and Europe. Some features are, in fact, exclusive to Goodwinch.


Glorious Mud – Is what the TDS Goldfish is made for!


WOW ! These TDS Goldfish winches really are ‘cool’ !

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