Portable Receiver Hitch Winch System2

Portable Receiver Hitch Winch System

Components and Prices

David Bowyer of Goodwinch and Mel Baker Fabrications join forces to bring you a brilliant range of Portable Receiver Hitch Towing and Winch Systems for the front and back of Land Rover Defender Ninety and One Ten vehicles, with similar rear kits for Discovery and Range Rover (rear only).
The receiver winch plate is designed to be as high as possible allowing for the Land Rover rear door and most spare wheels.
Winches would normally be either a TDS-9.5c or a short drum model as shown in the picture. The first holds 10mmx 100’ of Dyneema® Bowrope and the short drum 10mm x 75’ which is the most popular.
Each winch system comes with either a vehicle harness just for the back or two harnesses to allow for the winch to be used on the front of the Land Rover using the Front Receiver socket (middle bottom picture below) Finally you can also purchase a rope towing double eye (right hand bottom picture below) for recovery purpose either front of rear of the vehicle.

Portable Receiver Hitch Winch System3

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