STV winches small

STV 2000 12 volt small winch

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Product Description

STV-2000 12v winch

For small quad bikes, trailers, trikes, boats, jet skis etc

comes with mounting plate, rollers, wire rope, hook, remote solenoids and handle bar mounted switch


Rated Line Pull:                   2000lbs (906 kgs)

Gear Ratio:                            153:1

Motor:                                   Permanent magnet DC 12 V motor with 0.85 hp output

Wire Rope:                           5/32” x 49.3’ (4mm x 15m)

Dimensions:                          11.37”L x 4.72”D x 4.84”H

(289mmL x 120mmD x 123mmH)

Drum Size:                             1.24” (D) x 2.88” (L)

31.5 (D) x 73 (L) mm

Line Pull

Layer of wire rope               Max Line Pull

  1. 2000lbs/907kgs
  2. 1630lbs/740kgs
  3. 1380lbs/620kgs
  4. 190lbs/540kgs
  5. 1050lbs/470kgs
  6. 940lbs/420kgs

Winch weight:                      12lbs/5.5kgs

Line speed and Amp Draw (1st layer of rope on the drum)

Load                                       Line Speed                            Amp Draw (12v)

No Load                                 10.5FPM/3.2MPM                               8

500lbs/227kgs                      9.2FPM/2.8MPM                                30

1000lbs/454kgs                   7.2FPM/2.2MPM                                 60

1500lbs/680kgs                   5.2FPM/1.6MPM                                 90

2000lbs/907kgs                   2.9FPM/0.9MPM                                120

Additional Information

Weight 6 kg

Telephone: 01363 82666

Fax: 01363 82782

Goodwinch Ltd, David Bowyer's Off Road Centre, East Foldhay, Zeal Monachorum, Crediton, Devon, England, EX17 6DH

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