Goodwinch TDS-9.5c, 9,500 lbs 12v or 24v



Upgrade to Dyneema® Bowrope and Aluminium Hawse

Goodwinch TDS-9.5c with solenoid pack over the motor, 9,500 lbs c/w roller fairleads, wire rope and swingaway pulley block. 173:1 ratio. The perfect winch for off road use, fast and powerful. Upgrade to Dyneema® Bowrope available.(2049/2050)

Product Description

Line Pull9,500 lbs (4,309 kg)
Motor5.0 HP (12 volt) 3.0 HP (24 volt)
Gear TrainHeavy duty 3 stage planetary
Gear Ratio173:1
FreespoolRotating Ring Gear
BrakingAutomatic Double Taper
Wire Rope Size8.7mm x 30m (100’)
Dimensions9.5i 612mm x 165mm x 250mm high
9.5c 612mm x 165mm x 266mm high
(Including Solenoids)
Drum Diameter63.5mm (2.5”)
Drum Length229mm (9”)
Weight with wire rope and
roller fairleads
50 kg
Weight with
Dyneema® Bowrope
and aluminium hawse
35 kg
Switching method5m (17’) Rubber handheld remote
Switching mechanismHeavy duty sealed solenoids
Roller fairleadsStandard
Swingaway pulley blockStandard
Colour coded 1.5m wiring
Alloy safety hooks fitted to
all ropes
No load speed56 feet/min (17m/min)
For 12 volt40 amps
and 24 volt23 amps

Please note that there are too many variables when attempting to quote speed and amps drawn at different line pulls, but roughly speaking, all 6 models at their rated line speed draw about 350 amps @ 12 volt (210 amps : 24 volt) achieving a speed of about 7 feet/min. Needless to say one should always use a pulley block at anything like these loads which either halve the current draw or halve the load on the winch which allows the motor armature to turn more freely. So now you know!
Made by Kingone


Additional Information

Weight 50 kg

Telephone: 01363 82666


Goodwinch Ltd, Oakleaf Way. Gunn. Barnstaple. Devon. Ex32 7NZ

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