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Includes a section on using and caring for Dyneema® Bowrope

The first chapter entitled ‘Learn to drive off-road’ was made on location at David Bowyer’s Off Road Centre in Devon during a week of varied ground conditions, David demonstrates the basics of off-road driving using one of his V8 Ninetys. He teaches us how to get the best out of the vehicle bearing in mind safety and reliability at all times. Although there are now an enormous number of off-road vehicles on our roads today, few of course will seriously venture away from the tarmac, but for those owners who do want to explore their vehicle’s capability, a knowledge of off-road driving techniques is a must.
This chapter covers vehicle preparation applicable to all Land Rovers, Range Rovers and Discoverys. This is followed by taking us through driving over rough terrain, ascending, descending, crossing ditches, driving gullies, wading deep water and many other techniques.
Following David’s expert demonstration is Nick Dimbleby with professional camera equipment along with Vicki Wright as sound engineer. After meticulous editing in studio, narration is by Gary Pusey.
The second chapter entitled ‘Winching Techniques’ was made on location at both David Bowyer’s Off-Road Centre and the nearby woodlands used for ‘trophy training’ David teaches the safe and effective methods of using electric winches together with correct rigging methods by staged demonstration and ‘doing-it-for-real’. This section begins by explaining how to correctly install a new wire rope on a winch drum followed by how to use an electric winch in conjunction with snatch blocks, winching chains, attachment points, extension wire ropes, shackles
and webbing tree strops. Hand signals and winching-whilst-driving are also covered. In the woodlands David covers winch situations as they  happen – winching up slippery hills, along rutted tracks, out of holes and winching through challenging situations are all covered.
Seeing this chapter is a must for anyone already owning a winch equipped vehicle or those contemplating purchasing one.
This chapter was co-produced by Giles Warham who also edited the footage in his studio. Finally, the new chapter covers using Dyneema® Bowrope synthetic rope. It also shows how to splice the rope should an unfortunate accident occur, and also how to care and look after it for longevity.

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