Goodwinch Portable TDS-12.0 Short Drum bak-rak tow ball mounting kits


Upgrade to Dyneema® Bowrope and Aluminium Hawse

The TDS-12.0 Short Drum winch is ideal as a 12 volt portable kit for dropping onto a tow ball, front or rear, of most 4×4’s or motor homes.
It is a very compact unit, assembled on the brilliant BakRak system where you drop a ’clamshell’ adaptor over the tow ball, attach the special bracket, slide in the safety pin, plug in the Anderson quick disconnect plug into the special vehicle harness and winch away.
This superb 12,000 lb winch system can either be used to pull yourself out of a sticky mess, pull someone else out, or to pull boats on trailers up slipways or caravans up driveways.
This system comes complete with a 10mm x 75’ Dyneema® Bowrope, aluminum hawse and a vehicle wiring harness.

Product Description

When the winch mount is installed, a ready made up for the vehicle wiring harness is supplied with quick disconnect fittings.

All these (and more to follow) modules are so east to install. Simply drop the ‘Clam Shell’ over the tow ball, followed by the appropriate unit, locate the lock pin or similar device to secure the whole unit into place, tighten the 12mm setscrew or locking lever to stop it from rotating as required and it’s ready to use.
Brilliant concept brought into the world by Pete Yates with further module and kit designs by David Bowyer.

Line Pull12,000lbs
Motor4.6 HP (12 volt) 3.0 HP (24 volt)
Gear TrainHeavy Duty 3 stage planetary
Gear Ratio254:1
FreespoolRotating Ring Gear
BrakingAutomatic Double Taper
Wire Rope Size8.0mm x 23m (75’)
Drum Diameter63.5mm (2.5”)
Drum Length125mm (5”)
Weight with wire rope and
roller fairleads
40 kg
Weight with
Dyneema® Bowrope
and aluminium hawse
27 kg
Switching method5m (17’) Rubber handheld remote
Switching mechanismHeavy duty sealed solenoids
Roller fairleadsStandard
Swingaway pulley blockStandard
Colour coded 1.5m wiring
Alloy safety hooks fitted to
all ropes
No load speed33 feet/min (10m/min)
For 12 volt40 amps
and 24 volt23 amps

Made by Kingone

Additional Information

Weight 30 kg

Telephone: 01363 82666


Goodwinch Ltd, Oakleaf Way. Gunn. Barnstaple. Devon. Ex32 7NZ

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