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Dyneema® Bowrope 12 Strand Synthetic Fibre Replacement Tower Guy Ropes – 8mm



Include fitted thimbles? (no extra charge)

We can make up any length, usually with fitted thimbles and the top tower ends. 8mm is £4.40 per meter. Simply brilliant, versatile lightweight, easy to splice and handle, and unlike wire rope, it does not rust! An immensely strong 12 strand synthetic winch rope made from Dyneema® SK75 High Modulus Polyethylene Fibre, manufactured to a very high exact specification set by GOODWINCH.

Product Description

Each of the twelve strands of Dyneema® Bowrope are made up from further strands containing thousands of very fine Dyneema® fibres.

This creates an incredibly robust, strong and lightweight safer alternative to wire rope Dyneema® Bowrope is size for size the strongest and most durable synthetic winch rope available, at a price you can afford. Dyneema® Bowrope is UV stabilised giving the rope a long, safe working life.
The special Dyneema® Bowrope highly visible light blue coating ensures both the rope’s stability and abrasion resistance. After manufacturing the 12 strand rope, it is heat set under tension to ensure durability, uniformity and maximum strength. Our Dyneema® Bowrope is also very durable due to its good resistance to both mechanical and environmental attack. It is not affected by oil or water and is just as strong, whether used in dry, wet, cold or humid conditions.
The perfect guy rope for all radio towers 
Although synthetic ropes are not ideal for raising and luffing winches because of using pulley blocks with rough edges and the need to pass it through lattice tower sections, However, it is ideal for guy ropes and safety catch ropes. For non conductive guy ropes best to use 8mm Dyneema® Bowrope. For safety catch ropes use 5mm. We can make up any length, usually with fitted thimbles and the top tower ends. The price of the 8mm is £4.40 per meter, and £2.45 per meter for 5mm, with thimbles fitted free of charge for Radio Amateurs. All prices plus carriage and VAT.


  • Very light easy to handle very strong
  • Easily spliced does not curl floats
  • Highly visible easy on the hands compact
  • Less effort in use does not kink safety in use
  • No more wire rope ‘spikes’ to catch in the gloves
  • Ideal for extension winch ropes as well
  • List prices
  • David bowyer dyneema® is a registered trademark of royal dsm n.V.
  • If it did break, like any wire rope could do in a ridiculous Scenario, dyneema® bowrope will not flail. Very important

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