Winch Blanket


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For all winching operations.

A must when using wire ropes and essential when entering winch competitions – even when using a synthetic rope.

Product Description

The use of a good winch blanket ensures that if a wire rope breaks or a fixing point or shackle comes apart, there is a greatly reduced risk of severe damage. Without a winch blanket to deaden the ferocity of a catapulted flying rope the consequences could be disastrous. Our new, very robust winch blanket is easy to use with Velcro strips on the inside to hold the blanket closed onto the rope. Made from a durable, heavy duty, waterproof fabric in a bright yellow, it shows up well to highlight that winching is in progress.

Whilst rigging, the winch assistant can hang the blanket (inside out) over their shoulders and utilise the integral, internal pocket to carry snatch blocks, shackles etc, leaving both hands free to climb up banks and over rough terrain safely.


Additional Information

Weight 2 kg

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