Showtime 2019

During the year we support all the main off-road and 4×4 shows throughout the country.  This enables us to exhibit and display all our winches, ropes, motors and accessories nearer to your home or place of business.

Don’t forget, if you order a winch beforehand, we can commission and pre-wire it ready to fit and bring the unit along with us ready for your collection.Even if you are not intending to buy anything, just come along and have a chat.  See you there.

Do try and visit us on our stand at these shows to see all our latest winch systems and to buy all your useful accessories, like winching kits, spare Bowmotors, Albrights,Bowrights, pulley blocks and Dyneema® Bowrope, Budget Bowrope or what-have-you.



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Malvern 4×4 Spares Day – Three Counties Showground – Malvern

Donnington 4×4 Show – Donnington Park


Land Rover Max - Stoneleigh

                                                                                Land Rover Max – Stoneleigh


Billing Land Rover Show

Billing Land Rover Show

Land Rover Fest - Peterborough

Land Rover Fest – Peterborough

Adventure Overland - Stratford Racecourse

Adventure Overland – Stratford Racecourse


Spring Adventure- Harrogate

Spring Adventure- Harrogate


Eastnor Land Rover Show - Eastnor Castle

Eastnor Land Rover Show – Eastnor Castle

Newbury 4x4 Vintage and Spares Day - Newbury Showground

Newbury 4×4 Vintage and Spares Day – Newbury Showground


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