(with plastic freespool lever Planetary Gear Carrier)

Step 1. Disassembly

To disassemble the gearbox, the output ring gear should slide out. To get the fixed ring gear out, it is necessary to rotate the planet carrier assembly until all three planetary gear timing marks point to the planet carrier centre (see fig 1 and 4). Until the timing marks are in this position, the sun gear will not permit the planetary gears to slide out. Note: if the gearbox is jammed with broken gears, it may be necessary to scrap the entire gearbox assembly.


Fig. 1

Step 2. Reassembly

Your winch was factory lubricated with a special high performance grease. To get the maximum performance from your winch it is recommended that you purchase this grease from the winch manufacturer. A small paint brush is a good way to apply the grease during reassembly.


Fig. 2

Place the winch on end with the drive end of the drum facing up as shown in Fig 2 (your owners manual may be helpful in identification of parts). Lubricate the tangs on the drum end.


Fig. 3

Step 3.

Place the drum driving plate over the end of the drum. Lubricate the drum driving plate ears.

Step 4.

Place the output ring gear on the drum driving plate being sure the ears of the drum driving plate engage with the slots in the output ring gear.

Fig. 4

Fig. 4

Step 5.

Place the ring gear separator over the output ring gear.

Step 6.

Assemble the planet carrier assembly (early model X6 winches had a planet carrier assembly that was not repairable, and had to be replaced as an assembly). Note: Each planetary gear has 29 teeth on one side and 30 teeth on the other side. The 29 tooth side has an extra identification ring. (see Fig 4). If your planetary gears do not have needle roller bearings in them, you must press new bearings into the gears. DO NOT HAMMER BEARINGS. Press one bearing in flush from each side of the gear. When pressing on the bearing, orient the bearing such that you are pressing on the writing face of the bearing. The bearing has greater strength for pressing when oriented in this fashion.
a. Press (3) carrier pins into the planet carrier.
b. Lubricate the carrier pins and the planetary gear needle roller bearings.
c. Place the (3) planet gears within the carrier retaining ring so that they are seated in the planet gear groove. Place these parts on to the carrier pins simultaneously with the carrier retaining ring fitted into the gear grooves. Orient the 29 tooth side up (see Fig 5). All three planet gears must be oriented the same way to prevent a catastrophic winch failure.
d. Press the carrier side plate on to the carrier pins.
e. Secure the carrier side plate in place with (3) 5/16″-18 flat head screws.

Fig. 5

Fig. 5

Step 7.

Lubricate the planetary gears. Rotate each planetary gear until its timing mark lines up with the timing mark on the output ring gear. Place the planet gear assembly into the output ring gear. (RULE: ASSEMBLE THE PLANET CARRIER WITH THE CARRIER SIDE PLATE FACING THE MOTOR).

Since the X6 and X6CD winches have their motors on opposite ends of the winch, the planet carrier will go in one way with one winch and the oppsite way with the other winch. Be sure all timing marks are lined up (see Fig 3). The gear set is now timed. Without disengaging the gears, rotate the planet carrier until the gear timing marks point to the centre of the carrier (See Fig 1 and 4).

Step 8.

Grease the teeth on the fixed ring gear and place it over the planetary gears with the two round holes upwards. Note: It is not necessary to line up the timing marks for this step. Grease the outside of both the stationary gear and the ring gear bearing and separator.

Step 9.

The parts that should be assembled to the gearbox such as the motor, sun gear assembly, clutch lock pin, and their related parts should be in place (refer to your owners manual for details).

Step 10.

Lubricate the inside of the gear box and the sun gear. Place the freewheel control lever into the ‘free’ position to retract the lock pin. Slip the gearbox assembly over the ring gears with a slight rotating motion to line up the gear teeth. Note: the tower with the clutch lever should be oriented on the same side of the winch as the (2) tie rods. If it doesn’t go on, re-check the planetary gears to see that they are oriented as shown in Fig 1. Make sure the gearbox is fully seated in the inboard drum support, then attach the gear box to the inboard drum support with the (4) 1/4 – 20 self tapping Hex washer head screws.

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