The Goodwinch Aluminium Sliding Hawse

4×4 winches are often wide with small drum diameter, rather than narrow and large diameter like logging winches. This is good, as we can get loads of rope onto the drum, and still fit it on the front of our vehicles! But side pulls cause all the rope to finish up on one side of the drum, which is bad. Especially if so much rope builds up that it jams the winch against the mount plate. You could even break a tie bar!

Designed specifically for use with our Dyneema® Bowrope the Sliding Hawse gives you an extra option in this situation. Instead of unwinding the rope, and rewinding it evenly onto the winch drum, the Sliding Hawse can be latched over to feed the incoming rope onto and empty section of drum. If you are viewing this page on the internet, click here to see a video of the Sliding Hawse in action.

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